Establishing a sustainable agreement with a main sponsor proves to be a difficult objective to achieve when the decision is not to compromise with the quality standards that have made World Press Cartoon an unavoidable reference among salons around the world. Once again, the World Press Cartoon Board found itself without the means to launch a call for participation in its main event, meaning that the global community of cartoonists will not have this privileged meeting point in 2024.

The history of World Press Cartoon is a guarantee of the organization's commitment to defending the values we share around freedom of the press and the promotion of cartoons as an indispensable genre in reference journalism and we are grateful for the support of all the cartoonists who have contacted us, with words of encouragement that give us strength to move on.

We do not lower our arms, remain alert. World Press Cartoon will be back as soon as possible, stronger than ever!

The WPC Jury of five members is composed by personalities from different countries and continents, with a distinguished curriculum in the World Press and with a strong connection to humour graphics.  Above: WPC Jury Meeting, Sintra, Portugal, 2006. From left to right: António Antunes, Aris Malandrakis, Marlene Pohl, Odile Conseil and Martyn Turner.

The WPC 2012 Awards Show.

The WPC annual catalogue is published with all the entries of the main exhibition. 17 editions were published so far.

Other books were also published since 2005, in the frame of thematic or smaller world tour exhibitions.

The actual 17 WPC editions took place in Sintra, Cascais and Caldas da Rainha, three superb regions just outside the Portuguese capital, famed for its historic, artistic and cultural activities. We share the Salon with other cities and countries, so that the World Press Cartoon becomes a truly global showcase. After the main event in Portugal, we organized exhibitions around the world: Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, France, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom already hosted WPC exhibitions. Contacts are ongoing for exhibitions to be held in Argentina, Cap Verde, Greece, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA.